2015 National Buffalo Wing Festival a Success

BUFFALO (September 2015) – More than 70,000 people from all 50 states and 64 countries attended the National Buffalo Wing Festival at Coca-Cola Field in Buffalo, New York Sept. 5-6.

The festival, which celebrates Buffalo’s quintessential foodstuff, served-up more than 25 tons of wings from more than 30 local, regional, national and international eateries who created more than 120 varieties of wings.

“This was the 14th year for the festival and one that drew a considerable amount of international interest,” Drew Cerza, festival founder, said. “A couple traveled 9,839 miles from Sydney, Australia to attend. Additionally, this was the first year we welcomed an international restaurant serving wings – Randy’s Wing Bar out of London, UK.”

National Sauce-Off

One of the highlights of the weekend for the vendors is competing in the National Sauce-Off. This year’s winners include:

  • Festival Favorite: Bonehead’s Wing Bar
  • Rookie of the Year: Greene’s Ale House
  • Most Creative Sauce: (1) Buffalo Wild Wings, (2) Bonehead’s Wing Bar, (3) Quaker Steak & Lube.
  • Best Hot Sauce: (1) Legend Larry’s, (2) Booty’s Wings Burgers & Beers, (3) Slider’s Grill & Bar.
  • Best Extra Hot Sauce: (1) RuChDa Wings, (2) Duff’s Famous Wings, (3) Greene’s Ale House.
  • Best Medium Sauce: (1) Bocce Club Pizza, (2) Hot Rod Café, (3) Legend Larry’s
  • Most Creative Sweet Sauce: (1) Just Pizza & Wing Co., (2) Hard Rock Café, (3) Greene’s Ale House.
  • Best Traditional BBQ: (1) Bocce Club Pizza, (2) Brickhouse Tavern & Tap, (3) La Nova.
  • Most Creative BBQ: (1) Wing Street, (2) Quaker Steak & Lube, (3) Scallywags Grub & Spirits.

Craft Wings

New this year, organizers weaved a “craft” concept throughout the entire weekend’s activities. This meant that festivalgoers enjoyed everything from cold craft beers to craft cocktail demonstrations. Additionally, many of the wing vendors developed unique craft wings and some competed in this new category at the Wing Fest.

First-place winner of the “Best Craft Wing” contest was (716) Wings, which created a wing called “Chicken on Weck.” Second place went to Booty’s Wings Burgers & Beers for their “Et Tu Brut.” And, Duff’s Famous Wings came in third with their ultra-unique “Caramel Crunch” wing.

Competitive Eating

One of the annual highlights of the festival weekend was the United States Chicken Wing Eating Championshippresented by the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino and sanctioned by the International Federation of Competitive Eating.

After a major upset at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest (for which he won 2007-2014), Joey “Jaws” Chestnut came back to Buffalo to defend his title as first place winner of the U.S. Chicken Wing Eating Championship. He was up against relative newcomer Miki Sudo who came to reclaim her 2013 title, which was her first-ever wing-eating event. National favorite and five-time Wingfest World Champion Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas was also be on hand to battle the field.

After 12 minutes of action-packed pro eating, the winners included:

  • First place: Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, 205 wings
  • Second place: Miki Sudo, 170 wings in 12 minutes
  • Third place: Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas, 157 wings


The festival was made possible thanks to Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino, Frank’s RedHot, BlueCross BlueShield, Tri-Fri Oil, RuChDa Wings, Marie’s Blue Cheese Dressings and Yuengling Beer.


Restaurant Profile: Bocce Club Pizza (Buffalo, NY)

We caught up with #WingFest15 Restaurant Bocce Club Pizza to discuss the upcoming National Buffalo Wing Festival. Here’s what they had to say!

#1. What makes Bocce’s wings unique?  

There’s a process we use putting together a lot of ingredients that go into our sauces!  It’s not just Franks hot sauce and margarine, which is a standard fare!  Plus a lot of TLC!  It’s funny because we are so well-known for pizza but our wings are doing great!  Our BBQ pit wings have won first place five out of last six years. The year we didn’t win, we were crazy at the booth and never entered them!  Lastly, another unique thing about Bocce’s, I believe we are only restaurant who has been at Wing Fest every year since inception.

#2. Do you prefer flats or drums?

I’m a drum guy…I think men prefer drums and women flats!

#3. What is your favorite summer activity?

I love golfing in the summer months! Lately enjoying the city it’s got a great vibe these days!  Traveling in February is also a must right after Super Bowl!

#4. Favorite TV show right now?

Not sure what my crew loves on the tube. For awhile it was Walking Dead and House of Cards…

#5. What is the most unique wing you’re bringing to #WingFest15?

We are not entering a “craft” wing, we are sticking to basics Traditional Medium, BBQ PIT & Cajun. Cajun is an award-winner and it’s a different type of wing!

Restaurant Profile: Hot Rod Cafe (New London, CT)

We caught up with #WingFest15 Restaurant Hot Rod Cafe to discuss the upcoming National Buffalo Wing Festival. Here’s what they had to say!

#1. What makes your wings unique?

We start with large, fresh (not frozen) wings, we fry them naked in clean oil and serve them up in 24 unique flavors.

#2. What food is New London, CT known for?  

Lobster and, as of 2005 when we started,…wings!

#3. Ranch or blue cheese?

Hot Sauce! I don’t use either, I just like the wings, but if push comes to shove, a little ranch.

#4. Favorite TV show right now?


#5. What drink pairs best with your wings?

Watermelon Margaritas!

#6. What’s the most unique wing flavor you’re bringing to #WingFest15?

Cajun Ranch

Restaurant Profile: RuChDa (Fairborn, GA)

We caught up with #WingFest15 Restaurant RuChDa to discuss the upcoming National Buffalo Wing Festival. Here’s what they had to say!

#1. What makes your wings unique?

Our wings are unique because of the time and care we put into each batch we make. All of our wings are made fresh to order and never pre-cooked, as well as we make all of our sauces in house instead of just purchasing sauces. We take pride in our food and are committed to the quality of our food. After all, our slogan is the best wings since sliced bread.

#2. What food is Fairburn, GA best known for?

Fairburn, GA is actually known for chicken wings, as there are actually quite a lot of wing restaurants in this area.

#3. What is your favorite Wing Fest moment from the past?

Our favorite moment was the very first Wing Fest that we had gone to. We had no idea what we were doing or what to expect, we were just there to observe and learn and hardly expected to win anything, but were pleasantly surprised when we took home first place of the extreme hot category with our Russy Hot sauce.

#4. What drink pairs best with your wings?

The drink that we think pairs best with our wings would have to be our homemade, greek yogurt smoothies.

#5. What’s the most unique wing flavor you’re bringing to #WingFest15?

All of our flavors that we are bringing are going to be a wholly unique taste profile. We are going to bring four different flavors: Honey Ginger, Honey Curry, Kimchi wings, and Spicy Chocolate.

Restaurant Profile: Randy’s Wing Bar (London, UK)

We caught up with #WingFest15 Restaurant Participant Randy’s Wing Bar to discuss the upcoming National Buffalo Wing Festival. Randy’s is coming to Buffalo, NY from London, UK and is our FIRST international competitor! Here’s what they had to say!

#1. What makes your wings unique?

Our wings are unique because they’re made with English flare and sophistication. We’ve learn’t a lot about wings from our American brothers, and built on these foundations by adding our own personal touches and popular British ingredients.

#2. What food is London best known for?

To those who have never travelled to London, the city is probably thought to be full of fish and chips, bangers and mash and roast dinners! Those that have been will know London is a cultural melting pot of so many different cuisines, which after Tokyo and Paris, has the most Michelin Stars awarded to its restaurants in the world. Although BBQ food is nowhere near as developed as it is in the States, there are now some great BBQ joints and many have fused types of cooking from other parts of the world with their BBQ, such as Morocco, South Africa and Portugal.

#3. What is your favorite Wing flavor?

At Randy’s we love Buffalo, however after our recent time spent in Buffalo, pitt grilled BBQ is now up there as one of the best!

#4. What drink pairs best with your wings?

Like here in Buffalo, there is a big craft beer movement going on in the UK and London. Frontier Lager and FourPure IPA are two local craft London beers that go particularly well with our wings.

#5. What’s the most unique wing flavor you’re bringing to #WingFest15?

We’re serving our signature smokey Buffalo sauce this year which is a traditional Buffalo, beefed up with Coleman’s English Mustard and a serious amount of smoking!

Restaurant Profile: Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino serving Duff’s Famous Wings (Buffalo, NY)

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Restaurant Profile: Boneheads Wing Bar (West Warwick, Rhode Island)

We caught up with #WingFest15 Restaurant Boneheads Wing Bar to discuss the upcoming National Buffalo Wing Festival. Here’s what they had to say!

#1. What makes your wings unique?

One word: “Boneboard”. Our rock & roll theme goes far beyond our décor, as each sauce is named after a popular song. The sauce name is carefully selected to have some kind of correlation to the title, lyrics or band name. Examples like “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” (Peach Habanero), “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (Maple Bacon), “Pump the Jam” (Peanut Butter & Jelly) and “Strawberry Fields Forever” (Strawberry Teriyaki) prove that naming the sauce can sometimes be as fun as making it. “The Boneboard” brings them all together in a “Billboard Top 40” parody explaining each sauce.

#2. What food is West Warwick, RI best known for?

Rhode Island is best known for “hot wieners”, a thin frankfurter made of veal and pork, which gives it a different taste from a traditional beef hot dog. It’s served in a steamed bun and topped with celery salt, yellow mustard, chopped onions, and a seasoned meat sauce. We’ve incorporated this RI staple into our menu by introducing “All the Way” Boneless featuring all of the ingredients you’ll find on an “All the Way” (everything as listed) hot wiener on our hand-breaded, hand-cut boneless tenders.

#3. Ranch or blue cheese?

The politically correct answer is Blue Cheese, but I’m not a fan of either on my wings. A good sauce needs no dressing.

#4. Favorite memory from past Wing Fests?

2014 was our first Wing Fest and we made so many great memories. Winning “Festival Spirit” meant a lot to us and the overwhelming support and interest from the attendees was overwhelming. If I had to pick one memory, it would have to be the torrential downpours and the fact that our line stayed intact as people were still coming for wings!

#5. What drink pairs best with your wings?

There are so many pairings that go with some of our different sauces, but the most obvious choice would have to just be beer.  We’ve actually teamed up with a local brewery to start infusing our sauces into their beers to be released on our taps in late 2015. More specifically, I find there is nothing better than a nice batch of hot buffalo wings and an ice cold IPA.

#6. What’s the most unique wing flavor you’re bringing to #WingFest15?

This year we’ll be bringing “Creamsicle Sunset”, an orange/vanilla based sauce.

Wing it to Coca-Cola Field in downtown Buffalo, NY this Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 5-6) to try wings from the reigning Festival Spirit Award winners Boneheads Wing Bar

Restaurant Profile: Booty’s Wings, Burgers & Beer (Arizona)

We caught up with #WingFest15 Restaurant Participant Booty’s Wings, Burgers & Beer to discuss the upcoming National Buffalo Wing Festival. Booty’s is a four-time National Buffalo Wing Festival award-winning restaurant and boasts 52 flavors of wings with two locations in Surprise and Buckeye, AZ! Here’s what they had to say!

#1. What makes your wings unique?

Our wings are unique because we double cook them to give them a crispy texture on the outside, while they are moist and juicy on the inside. Also, we have 52 different flavors to choose from. One for every week of the year!

#2. What food is Surprise and Buckeye, AZ known for?

Booty’s Wings, of course!

#3. Ranch or blue cheese?

I say Bleu Cheese, but Arizonans prefer Ranch. Both of ours are homemade!

#4. Favorite TV show right now?

The Blacklist on NBC

#5. What drink pairs best with your wings?

Beer! It’s in our name and lots of it! Or, our Bootylicious drink!

#6. What’s the most unique wing flavor you’re bringing to #WingFest15?

Our most unique flavor is called Et Tu Brute….

Wing it to Coca-Cola Field in downtown Buffalo, NY this Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 5-6) to try wings from Arizona’s own Booty’s Wings, Burgers & Beer

Restaurant Profile: (716) Food and Sport (Buffalo, NY)

We sat down with #WingFest15 Restaurant Participant (716) Food and Sport to discuss the upcoming National Buffalo Wing Festival. Here’s what they had to say!

#1. What makes your wings unique?

(716) provides a variety of tasty flavors with a twist! The (716) Signature sauce is a sweet sauce with a spicy bite, the Beer BBQ sauce is made with a local (716) Saison Style beer, the Chicken on Weck wings plays off a true Buffalo staple – the Beef on Weck, and a classic Buffalo sauce is always available.

#2. What is your favorite Wing Fest moment from the past?

Our favorite Wing Fest moment was when we won the 2014 Festival Favorite Award at last year’s festival!

#3. What beverages go best with your wings?

(716) chicken wings go great with any local beer.

#4. Favorite Buffalo, NY activity?

Enjoying our hometown Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres games on the 38-foot screen at (716).

#5. What is your current favorite song?

We are happy to be a part of the Pegula Sports and Entertainment family and enjoy all of our artists’s songs at Black River Entertainment.

#6. What’s the most unique wing flavor you’re bringing to #WingFest15?

Try our Chicken on Weck wing with horseradish cream dipping sauce!

Wing it to Coca-Cola Field in downtown Buffalo, NY this Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 5-6) to try wings from the reigning Festival Favorite (716) Food and Sport! 

Restaurant Profile: Anchor Bar (Buffalo, NY)

We sat down with #WingFest15 restaurant participant Anchor Bar to discuss the upcoming National Buffalo Wing Festival. We had more than a few questions for the place that served the original Buffalo Wing, but narrowed it down to five. Here’s what they had to say!

#1. Thanks to the Anchor Bar, we can all enjoy chicken wings as they were meant to be! What is the farthest someone has traveled (that you know of) to try your original Buffalo Wings?  

At the Anchor Bar, we have had people travel from Japan, China, Australia, Spain, South Africa and hundreds of other countries too numerous to mention.  Our famous sauce is sold in 17 different countries including Turkey, England, Japan & Taiwan. 

#2. What is your favorite Wing Fest moment from the past?  

The Blue Cheese bobbing contest is always one of our favorites.

#3. Carrots, celery, or both? 


#4. What Buffalo, NY activity do you recommend to visitors?  

The new activity in Buffalo is our Canal side experience and the Harbor Center.  And, of course, when in season in Buffalo, the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills games are a definite.

#5. What wing flavors will you be bringing to #WingFest15?  

Medium, Hotter, Garlic Parm & Chipotle BBQ