Festival Favorite

Boneheads, West Warwick, RI

Rookie of the Year

The Dirty Buffalo, Norfolk, VA

Festival Spirit Award

Wings Army, Mexico

Best In Show Wing

Anchor Bar- Habanero Ranch Dry Rub

Restaurant Sauce Off

Traditional Medium:

1st: Legend Larrys

2nd: Sticky Wings

3rd: Bocce Club


1st: The Old Union Hotel

2nd: The Blind Rhino

3rd: Legend Larrys


1st: Scallywags

2nd: Forghedaboutit

3rd: Center Street Grille

Traditional BBQ

1st: Bocce Club

2nd: Buffalo Wild Wings

3rd: Millies Cafe

Dry Rub

1st: Boneheads

2nd: Quaker Steak and Lube

3rd: Bocce Club

Creative BBQ

1st: The Dirty Buffalo

2nd: The Old Union Hotel

3rd: Scallywags

Creative Spicy

1st: Fire on the mountain

2nd: Scallywags

3rd: Forghedaboudit

Creative Sweet

1st: The Dirty Buffalo

2nd: Sticky Wings

3rd: The Blind Rhino


1st: Legend Larrys

2nd: Millie’s

3rd:Fire on the Mountain

U.S. Chicken Wing Eating Championship

Joey Chestnut – 206

Geoffrey Esper – 194

Darron Breeden – 181

Gideon Oji – 167

Adrian Morgan – 138

George Chiger – 132

Jim Reeves – 104

Miki Sudo – 101

Ronnie Hartman – 99

Badlands Booker – 81

George LoBianco – 64

“Wild” Bill Myers – 63

Russell's Buffet Bowl Championship

1st Geoffrey Esper

2nd Joey Chestnut

3rd Gideon Oji

Amateur Chicken Wing Eating Championship

1st George LoBianco
2nd Richie “The Polish Falcon” Malek
3rd Jacob Gauda

Amateur Traditional Sauce Off

1st Roger Dumas

2nd Gary Dionne

3rd Badlands Booker

Amateur Creative Sauce Off

1st Phillip Seals

2nd Frank Drowota

3rd Kimberly Jackson

Bobbing for Wings


1st Ralph Tingley

2nd Laura Claus

3rd Rob Laurey


1st Holly Szafarczyk

2nd Alvin Ozoria

3rd Sean Lewis

College Wing Eating Contest

1st Trevor Conschafter

2nd Ryan Berglund

3rd Jason Brick

Triple Atomic Wing Eating Contest

1st David Plough

2nd Sean Cairnie

3rd Alex Bladen

Baby Wing

Juliet Lowery