Volunteer Sign Up

Over the years the National Buffalo Wing Festival has been one of the most successful events in Buffalo. This success is attributed to the hard work and dedication of the surrounding community.

Without the help of all the amazing volunteers we have had over the years Wing Fest wouldn’t be the national event it is today. Here is your chance to get involved and gain valuable experience as a volunteer for the National Wing Fest. We look forward to your support this year as we celebrate our 16th year.

Festival Set-Up

Age 16+ volunteers to help carry tent poles and barrels as well as setting up tables on the main field. All volunteers will be working in pairs so the lifting is not very heavy.

Shift Set-up

8am- 12pm

Restaurant Shift 

Age 18+ volunteers to serve wings with restaurants. You will be working under a tent. Volunteers will be standing. Must wear a hat due to health department regulations. Lots of fun! Great chance to meet local and out of town restaurants and festival attendees. Time flies in this job!!

Saturday September 2nd

Saturday 11:30-3:00

Saturday 3:00-6:00

Saturday 6:00-9:00

Sunday 11:30-3:00

Sunday 3:00-7:00

Festival Breakdown

Age 16+ volunteers to help load trucks with all our festival supplies. Choice of light or heavy lifting.

Sunday September 3rd




Free parking is available at the All-Pro parking ramp on Exchange Street behind the stadium.


Volunteer check-in tent is located across from the admission ticket tent. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your shift. You will be assigned your location upon arrival.