Buffalo Ninja Warrior Challenge

This year at Wing Fest we are raising the bar! You might have seen American Ninja Warrior on primetime. Well, we are bringing primetime to this year’s festival with our Buffalo Ninja Warrior Challenge! This action packed attraction is sure to bring the heat with some of the top Ninjas competing for the crown of Buffalo Ninja Warrior Challenge Champion.

Do You Have What It Takes?!

  • Register to enter the official contest, and compete against some of the greatest Ninjas on the show!
  • The Obstacle Course is also available to the public to participate for fun at the following times on a first come first serve basis. Test your luck for only $7.00!

Open to Public – Saturday, Sept 3rd @ 2-3pm 5 and 6:30 pm

Hosted By

Ninja Warrior-Patrick Hall


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Buffalo Ninja Warrior

Participating Ninjas

Jon "The Giant" Alexis Jr.


Jesse "Flex" Labreck


Jennifer Tavernier


Additional Premier Ninjas

  • Carl Fantauzzo

  • Jon Alexis Sr.

  • Noel Reyes

  • Henry Ferrarin

  • Joel Santana

  • Dez Odom

  • Dave Kozak

  • Maura Sherman 

  • Meiling Huang

  • Wes Whitlam

  • James Wilson