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Restaurant Profile: Randy’s Wing Bar (London, UK)

We caught up with #WingFest15 Restaurant Participant Randy’s Wing Bar to discuss the upcoming National Buffalo Wing Festival. Randy’s is coming to Buffalo, NY from London, UK and is our FIRST international competitor! Here’s what they had to say!

#1. What makes your wings unique?

Our wings are unique because they’re made with English flare and sophistication. We’ve learn’t a lot about wings from our American brothers, and built on these foundations by adding our own personal touches and popular British ingredients.

#2. What food is London best known for?

To those who have never travelled to London, the city is probably thought to be full of fish and chips, bangers and mash and roast dinners! Those that have been will know London is a cultural melting pot of so many different cuisines, which after Tokyo and Paris, has the most Michelin Stars awarded to its restaurants in the world. Although BBQ food is nowhere near as developed as it is in the States, there are now some great BBQ joints and many have fused types of cooking from other parts of the world with their BBQ, such as Morocco, South Africa and Portugal.

#3. What is your favorite Wing flavor?

At Randy’s we love Buffalo, however after our recent time spent in Buffalo, pitt grilled BBQ is now up there as one of the best!

#4. What drink pairs best with your wings?

Like here in Buffalo, there is a big craft beer movement going on in the UK and London. Frontier Lager and FourPure IPA are two local craft London beers that go particularly well with our wings.

#5. What’s the most unique wing flavor you’re bringing to #WingFest15?

We’re serving our signature smokey Buffalo sauce this year which is a traditional Buffalo, beefed up with Coleman’s English Mustard and a serious amount of smoking!