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The Heavenly Chillbillies

The Heavenly Chillbillies have become Western NY favorites, bringing festival and club crowds a strong, danceable take on Americana and Blues. Their high energy live performances have garnered both critical and audience acclaim, while maintaining their down to earth, rootsy feel and accessibilitiy.

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The Dennis George Original Variety Show

Dennis “The Quizmaster” George and his traveling game show is a uniquely different entertainment experience that involves the entire audience in a frenzied game show atmosphere. An apt description for Dennis is the Quizmaster. He has performed at many events and functions in Buffalo and Western New York. He is known as the Quizmaster because he quizzes his audiences on literally hundreds of fun topics. With a photographic memory, Dennis uses his incredible wealth of knowledge to stump even the coolest contestants.

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Scott Celani

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Dave Turner