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Have you ever asked yourself the question: How do you eat a chicken wing?

How do you eat a chicken wing? We have, and now we’re looking for the answer!

In honor of Buffalo, New York, is hosting a video contest to find out how you eat a chicken wing. Anyway you eat it, We want to see it!


Show us your technique. We always wondered… Is there a way to eat a wing with one hand? or do you need both? Can you eat the entire wing in one bite? Two bites? Five? Is there a classy way to eat a chicken wing? Should you always end up as a saucy hot mess? You tell us.


All you have to do is make a video of your style for eating a chicken wing. That’s it!


Be creative, messy, funny, serious or classy, Most importantly, be the best wing eater you can be!
In 90 seconds or less show us how and why “your style” should be the official way to eat a chicken wing!


Click here to enter!